Friday, 26 April 2013


Each year we visit the Lake District (six of us) and muggins here always has a theme.  This year it was The Beatles (50th Anniversay) so I gave each person a momento - here are a couple and you are to spot the odd one out, well I will do three ............... I am on one of them

Happy hunting.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Well here we go back to my past and another schoolwork pic and a comparison with a recent one.

Here you have the names of Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Elvis, The Evs (Everley Brothers)  and a couple of my then crushes thrown in.  Its really heavy poster paint.  I suspect it was homework rather than something I would have been doing in class. Notice how ancient I am, no Beatles even!

And yes, you guessed, this is the Beatles.  It is was done after I had visited the Klimt Exhibition at the Tate in Liverpool.  And although you can't see it (bad photo) there's  lots of gold pen adornment (big word for me).

Music has always played a big part in my life, and infact I am going to a Beatles tribute band act at the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool soon. So it'll be a hard days night that night!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


I have just been to a professional photographer and I think you will agree it was money well spent.  He patiently took ages getting me to pose and smile and smile again. Until the light was just right.  You see I have had some botox and some plastic surgery done to my face to enhance my best features, and to make me look younger, so I wanted a special photograph to mark this very special occasion. Don't you agree that I look 20years younger?

Monday, 1 April 2013


Andy Murray has just become no. 2 in the world, but not for long, according to Kenny, who is the cousin of the Eckerslyke brothers Diddy, Willie and Woody.  He were good at running at school (running away from homework) he were good at football and he tells folk he were asked to play for Manchester United (Dya believe that!!!). He thinks he is the best tennis player in the land.  He plays for Th' Heckmondyke Club, and has entered fer Wimbledon.  He is so convinced he has the skill ta slaughter Andy Murray.

Well do you think he can - Kenny Eckerslyke!!!

However, he is an award winning Clog Dancer and he sparks clogs for the St Vitus Dancers.

(If you want to read all about his cousins then click on the label for 'friends of mine')

Also, over Easter I asked for people to Challenge me, to give me subjects to paint over the Easter Break.  If you have a look in a couple of days you will see them on my other blog pollyswatercolours.  It was great fun.