Monday, 31 December 2012


I can't begin to tell you how inspirational I have found starting my 2 blogs Painting & Nonsense and my  Watercolour Blog which is more serious.  I've met some lovely people, and you have given me the joy of painting back.  I thank you.

I wish my arty blog friends a Wonderful 2013 and for those who are having a difficult time I wish you a better New Year.

If you have your health you have wealth
If you have friends you are rich
If you have arty bloggy friends you have inspiration a-plenty.
(Polly:31.12.12 A.D)

My New Year Arty Resolutions
l. Paint more often
2. Paint different subjects and media
3. Experiment more
4. Don't use ultraminarine in every painting
5. Enjoy the battle, be brave and have fun throughout each battle.
Have you any arty resolutions?

Friday, 28 December 2012


We had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday

 I hope you all did too, whatever you did.

We stayed at a hotel in the Lake District shown in the photograph.  Well, I put a snowman on the door handle outside of our room.  Thought it would make people smile.  Well the joke was on me, because on Christmas Day he disappeared, legged it, was gone, kidnapped, half inched (pinched) in other words!!!  I was sad then angry (stupid really he only cost £1) it was just so sad someone had taken him

Whoever took Mr Snowman,
can I have him back....
So I put my thinking cap on and thought what happens when someone goes missing.  I know, make a 'missing' poster.  So henceforth, notwithstanding, I made an aforementioned notice forthwith, with a picture of the missing person emblazoned on it and put it on the door handle. I reported it to reception! Yes I really did.  My snowman has gone missing.  Housekeeping remembered seeing it 3 hrs before.  The following morning, well you'll never guess what, he was back!!!!!  Did I prick someone's conscience, or did someone spot the little snowman where he shouldn't be.  I decided to thank whoever took temporary care of him. So left that notice on the handle.  Reception were pleased when I told them.  I wonder what they really thought of me?

Thank you! He's promised not to
wander off again........

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


The inspiration for my beautifully painted masterpiece was the pure white mist rolling in from the Irish Sea. So mysterious yet beguiling. In fact, eerily spookey.

Painted on mdf  hot pressed, using 2" flat brush, wet into wet,  limited palette of  pure brilliant white 'dulux' (its the window sill of our newly renovated small conservatory).  I now have my painting corner back. Not smelling of damp and the roof not leaking like a sieve.  Hooray!

Friday, 14 December 2012


"Bet you've forgotten my pressie again this year Dad!"
Ho, ho, ho - No, my daughter!  In the past I have given you the gift of being called Carol, so that people sing your songs every year, also in the past I gave you the gift of tenderness when I presented  you with Rudolph a baby rheindeer, and you have trained him well, he adores you.  This year I have given you the gift of generosity, to personally send to adults presents they so badly need.  Like Fag Ash Lil who needs nicotine patches to help her stop smoking.  Del & Dan who need new white niblicks to improve their golf.  Willie Eckerslike who needs another tv so that he can watch two sports at the same time, and Annie Arkwright, bless her, who needs a red and black basque for who knows what!  So now what do you say my precious daughter?
"///**!!!!!~~~xxxxx"  Translated - I wonder what excuse you'll come up with next year!!!
I have changed the ending of this tale to protect Carol Christmas's squeaky clean reputation.
The characters above are from previous posts (Meet my friends).
Remember - yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that is why we call it the present.
Seasons greetings to you.

Monday, 10 December 2012

MEET THE BROTHERS-IN-LAW (Niblicks at dawn)

DEL & DAN are reet gradely owd golfers of the worst kind, forsaking the lovely Shufflebottom sisters for a lil ole white ball.  Del (in the ecky thump hat) were a professional footballer and earned £4. 11s 6d a week in the year dot, and Dan's claim ter fame when ee were a tennis player, were a win over Stan Smith.  They both still think they are at t'top of their game, silly twerps.

Last week they invited a Chinese businessman to play a round of golf with them.  The man had never played afore.  Upon his return to China, his family asked him what he had done in England.  The man replied "Played most interesting game.  Hit little white ball with long stick in large field, and name of honourable game is 'Oh Sh*t'."

Next person to meet wears a Red Suit - can you guess who?

Sunday, 9 December 2012


I stood in awe watching the Geese formations as they passed over our home and seemingly into the sunrise.  What a winning combination.  Needless to say it was the few stragglers who caught my attention the most.

They were saying -  it's your turn to go up front, no it's not it's your turn. Oh do
hurry up kids we're going to be late for the free sunrise breakfast at the Martin Mere Cafe!
Let's hope there's no more rain this week.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


My Auntie Pat died recently, she was a talented, self taught artist, was not professional and just painted for pleasure. She used to meticulously copy a picture (usually landscape) using a graph.  My Auntie only used oils. The complete opposite to me, I paint quickly and loosely, mainly watercolours.  I admire her talent and her patience.

 I just thought it would be nice for other people to see a couple of the paintings that I remember her showing me, which are now in my possession.

I wonder what she would think of her paintings being on the internet for all the world to see?
They're lovely aren't they?

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Annie was a gentle, quiet, kind, motherly type of figure, who everyone called Auntie Annie.  She was a good artist, in particular painting weird and wonderful abstracts, she baked lovely cakes for special occasions, like weddings, special anniversaries and for Christmas. A right clever devil really. Until, one day she picked up a book by accident off the shelf in Tesco.  She thought it was an instructional art book about colour mixing. She really needed help with your greys.

Annie here is reading Fifty Shades of Grey!   She has now decided to grow old disgracefully.  She's going to ditch the yellowed bloomers and thermal vest and buy a black and red basque from Evans, and has joined a northern dating agency on t'internet, who claim "We'll get yer a bloke lass". I say, Go Girl!!!

Saturday, 1 December 2012


Meet my friend Willie Eckerslike.  He used to be a right raver.  He was an ace footballer with lovely big thighs (OOooh) and a good head of hair to wow the chicks. Willie were a reet cracker!

Now his daily excercise is pressing the buttons on the little black box for t'telly, it fer wears him out.  He watches so much tv that his eyes are the shapes of screens.  "Gerrus a cuppa chuck" he sometimes shouts to his wife. He's a happy man with Sky tv for sport and scones in the afternoon, and the sport pages to read when th'adverts are on. What more could a man want.

This is based on a true story only the name has been changed to protect the innocent!