Wednesday, 5 December 2012


My Auntie Pat died recently, she was a talented, self taught artist, was not professional and just painted for pleasure. She used to meticulously copy a picture (usually landscape) using a graph.  My Auntie only used oils. The complete opposite to me, I paint quickly and loosely, mainly watercolours.  I admire her talent and her patience.

 I just thought it would be nice for other people to see a couple of the paintings that I remember her showing me, which are now in my possession.

I wonder what she would think of her paintings being on the internet for all the world to see?
They're lovely aren't they?


  1. i wonder what she would think polly ..lovely tribute to you aunt to her paintings aunt also painted in oils .

  2. I am so pleased to know that someone has looked at her work. Thank you.

  3. I had an Auntie Pat who painted too. Wow yours was as wonderful as mine was. Nice you shared her work. Saw your comment on my Friend Lynn's blog and thought I would come see your work. Fun blog.

  4. What a coincidence about your Auntie Pat! Wonder if it's in the genes. Putting her on the web felt the right things to do. Thank you so much for looking at my little blog. It's such a buzz getting comments.