Monday, 10 December 2012

MEET THE BROTHERS-IN-LAW (Niblicks at dawn)

DEL & DAN are reet gradely owd golfers of the worst kind, forsaking the lovely Shufflebottom sisters for a lil ole white ball.  Del (in the ecky thump hat) were a professional footballer and earned £4. 11s 6d a week in the year dot, and Dan's claim ter fame when ee were a tennis player, were a win over Stan Smith.  They both still think they are at t'top of their game, silly twerps.

Last week they invited a Chinese businessman to play a round of golf with them.  The man had never played afore.  Upon his return to China, his family asked him what he had done in England.  The man replied "Played most interesting game.  Hit little white ball with long stick in large field, and name of honourable game is 'Oh Sh*t'."

Next person to meet wears a Red Suit - can you guess who?

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