Tuesday, 27 November 2012


We recently spent a couple of days in Grasmere. The first day was a glorious autumn day and the reflections in the lake were wonderful. After that the normal pouring rain. We treated ourselves and stayed in a newly renovated and extended hotel called The Daffodil (used to be the Prince of Wales much better name) It is now modern but sparsely decorated except for the brilliant caricatures down the corridors, which inspired me to have a go at doing some.  I found it harder than I expected even though I used Sue Macartney-Snape's pictures (those down said corridors) as my inspiration.

Now let me introduce you to some friends of mine, for today here is Fag Ash Lil (in the style of Sue's pics)

Fag Ash Lil is from Nuggleton by the Sea.  She badly wants to be a WAG and marry a rich footballer.  Her role model is Victoria Beckham.  So she cut her lovely long hair, bought a really smart dress and accessories and thought she looked ever so posh (but they were infact from Primark). She tried to behave dead posh too, but then gave herself away by saying "eeh eck" and "eeh by gum" cos she were from up north, tha knows.

Sunday, 25 November 2012


Yesterday I went to see a contemporary art exhibition at the wonderful Liver Building in Liverpool which overlooks the River Mersey.  I always wanted to see inside.  Well, I am cross to say the least, that the art there, I think, is an insult to the so many talented artists there are.  I mean, I know it said contemporary, so I expected some weird pieces, but what a waste to put them in the Liver Building, they should be in a darkened warehouse, as far as I am concerned.  For example, a huge scrunched up ball of gold tin foil, huge video of  a young man singing badly playing a guitar badly, top part of him like a bib shape of white skin and the rest (not down to naughty bits) was covered with gravy browning, or so it seemed.  I cannot for the life of me get it! I'm sure a deep meaning is there somewhere, but not to simple me. I am sorry if anyone reading this likes this type of work, but I think it's a case of Emporer's New Clothes.  I mean I have been to the Tate in Liverpool, and some of the work I really like, but not much.  Am I out of order here. Am I missing something really wonderful.  Does anyone agree with me?

Here is my pic of The Liver Building (also shown on my watercolour blog) along with two other memories of Liverpool.

I'd love to hear anyone else's point of view on this subject.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Well, now that that weather has been blowing and we've had so much rain, the trees are now being laid bare of their beautiful colourful clothes.  How sad, the whole of the winter is before us, the cold, wind and rain - come to think of it it's just a continuation of our awful British summer!

My pastel sketch is of joggers, who, if they are like my hubby, probably just jog for the sake of it and do not notice the magic of autumn. Get a life!

Art Gallery
A couple go to an art Gallery.  They look at an oil painting of a naked woman with her private parts covered with leaves.  The wife doesnt particularly like the painting so moves on, but the husband keeps staring at it.  The wife asks "What are you waiting for?".  He replies "Autumn"

Friday, 16 November 2012


Well it's 8am in the morning, I should get a life instead of messing about on a computer!  I have to own up, I am in trouble with the law
This is courtesy of www.glassgiant.com, pretty good fun eh?

This was painted in watercolour at night time in my room whilst on an art course with Hazel Soan in Arles.  Well I had to paint Van Gogh's Night Cafe didnt I, especially as I had been there that day.  Tell you what it took me blinking ages.  But the way he exaggerates his angles and his use of complimentary colours is superb. e.g. blue and orange.  Hm, getting technical now. So you see I am a forger!  Oh, I can hear the sirens coming to arrest me.

Saturday, 10 November 2012


Well, you ARE in for a treat!  Two amazing paintings, self portraits,  and a photo of my beautiful, sophisticated, sexy self.  Three completely different styles. 
Had been to Paris and was inspired by the artists in Montmartre.  Done in pastel on cheap pastel paper, yes I'm a cheap skate, you can see the lines on the paper.  It sorta looks like me.

After going to the Klimt exhibition at the Tate Gallery in Livepool, I painted this from of photo of me sat on holiday on a balcony in Spain somewhere, yonks ago.  I added the embelishment in gold pen.

Well, lucky hubby, he had a few days relief from me when he went on a golf holiday.I put this picture in his suitcase to remind him what he was missing! Photoshop can make you look better than you are.

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Each year my hubby and I go with two other couples to stay in a cottage (house really) in Grasmere.  I always have a theme.  This year it was Art.  I always give my friends some form of gift.  Anyway, I searched my small brain for a few ideas and came up with the following:-
Derrick in my very favourite painting
Me posing as Henry VIII or Polly VIII

Dave painting in a William Heaton Cooper View one of his
favourite artists The view is one of Coopers paintings in his beloved
Lake District.  Check them out they are lovely.
Pam as Mona Lisa (couldnt get head right)

Beryl having a Beryl Cook moment


Malc IS the Laughing Cavalier!!!
 We have a great time, exercising our chuckle muscles.
We are each responsible for the meals for a whole day, and
yes that does include the men.  Very interesting it is too. 
We have some reet good grub.

Dave and I, if the weather is reasonable, go out and paint
en plain air.  How arty is that!

Can't for the life of me get the pic of Malc to go
higher up.  Computers!!!