Sunday, 25 November 2012


Yesterday I went to see a contemporary art exhibition at the wonderful Liver Building in Liverpool which overlooks the River Mersey.  I always wanted to see inside.  Well, I am cross to say the least, that the art there, I think, is an insult to the so many talented artists there are.  I mean, I know it said contemporary, so I expected some weird pieces, but what a waste to put them in the Liver Building, they should be in a darkened warehouse, as far as I am concerned.  For example, a huge scrunched up ball of gold tin foil, huge video of  a young man singing badly playing a guitar badly, top part of him like a bib shape of white skin and the rest (not down to naughty bits) was covered with gravy browning, or so it seemed.  I cannot for the life of me get it! I'm sure a deep meaning is there somewhere, but not to simple me. I am sorry if anyone reading this likes this type of work, but I think it's a case of Emporer's New Clothes.  I mean I have been to the Tate in Liverpool, and some of the work I really like, but not much.  Am I out of order here. Am I missing something really wonderful.  Does anyone agree with me?

Here is my pic of The Liver Building (also shown on my watercolour blog) along with two other memories of Liverpool.

I'd love to hear anyone else's point of view on this subject.


  1. Hi Polly. First of all, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for what you said about my dog portrait. Your comment meant a lot to me as i do so try not to "copy" when doing something like that but rather to interpret it. Your support there motivates me. :)

    As for your feelings about the "bad" art on display i have to agree with you 100%. Sometimes i wonder to myself who are these people who decide that such art is worthy of display? Even worse is the amount of money that is provided by grants here in my country to support artists in their pursuit of "deeply meaningful" works that for the most part offend.

    It does make me want to quit trying so hard to make "good art" when i see what i think to be "bad art" getting so much attention and support.

    But we do have to follow our hearts don't we, making the art as we see it? Hopefully there is an audience there for us as well which i know there is.

    Thanks Polly for being very honest with your experience at the gallery. I've been to Liverpool and to the Tate and other galleries there which i loved. I very much loved Liverpool and would hope to return one day.
    Will look forward to seeing more of your art work Polly. It is beautifully light and airy and joyful. Happy painting!

    1. Thanks for your interesting comments, and thank you for your kinds words. I am very flattered that you are following my blog.

  2. I'm not surprised you were disappointed - I would have been as well and I agree 100% what you have described is not art to me and it irritates me that there is so much attention and funding given to it - I see so much amazing artworks online on blogs, facebook and other sites and these artists are not valued as they should be and struggle to make a living from what they do even though they are sooo talented. The world is a crazy place but all we can do is be true to ourselves and carry on the way we are and enjoying and supporting the 'real' art that is out there!

  3. We have builders in and I found three pieces of wood and a spirit level in the garden. Well, that's as good as anything, may submit that next year! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I only paint for pleasure but it must be so frustrating for 'real' artists who search for outlets for their work. A venue like that would look superb with wonderful local 'proper' art displayed and would have more than the 4 visitors I saw.