Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Here's a couple of paintings, one from my school days showing people ironing and the other is present day.  See if you can guess what their jobs are.

Looking at these two so many years apart and yet I have used similar colours.  Spooky or what!

Here is one of lovely Dad's sayings that I thought I would like to share with you "Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you".  I can just see and hear him saying it. Been gone for a long time but I still Miss you Dad!

Friday, 22 March 2013


This has been floating around on facebook and I just had to save it.  Let me share it with you - it's food for thought. I wonder who I have in mind .................... any guesses?

Have a super weekend, and keep warm wherever you are xx

Friday, 15 March 2013


You all will know by now that I live in 'Polly Planet', it's a bit quirky, a lot of laughs and happiness, as much as I can bequeath.  I now invite you, my subjects, to dine with me in Queen Polly's Restaurant. A grand banquet.  I am posting here the menu. Don't forget to book early!

Saturday, 9 March 2013


Woody, is brother to Willie and Diddy Eckerslyke.  Willie is high up, Diddy is low down, and Woody is medium sized. He is a reet good friend of the world reknown artist and legend Sue Clinker.  Honest he is?

Down deep in the woods Woody would wend away his days painting tall trembling trees, until, one day, out of the blue, he upped his easel and changed his style and began bare body painting.

You see a fulsome figure of wonder, a stunning sex bomb sexily strolled by his cottage in the wondrous wood.  He espied her from his little window and he was smitten. Using his imagination he painted her every day.  Masterpiece after masterpiece of bare buxom body.  So gone is he that he blethers continually. Poor Woody!

Who was she? That's another tantalising tall tale.

Would he like to meet her -  Eeeh Woody Eckerslyke!!!!!!!!!!!!

(You can meet his brothers in earlier  posts - Diddy and Willie look under the label 'friends of mine')

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


You all thought I was a normal person, well I am now after having plastic surgery.  I found that children were frightened of me, adults turned their faces, and animals ran from me as fast as they could!  I had this thirst for any liquid that was red.  Here is a picture of me that I left for my husband when I went away on an art course  so that he didn't miss me too much.  The art course didn't last too long, as I was the only person left in the end.  They said there was a curse on the building, and they heard howling noises at night.  I never heard anything at all!

Anyway when I came home I had a lot of toothache and when I went to the plastic surgeon he suggested surgery around my mouth and suggested I needed contact lenses. I cursed him for amount the work cost me. £££££  He has now disappeared. They say that  Dr Acula left after my surgery.  I wonder why ?