Thursday, 28 February 2013


Oh, I have had fun trying to find paintings to compare with my school work.  Similar subjects but many years apart.  I was going to put how many years, but it is horrible to think how many years ago it was.  In fact, it quite upset me when I worked out how many years!!!!  On the other hand the schooldays paintings have been bringing back memories too ............

This is a local park

This was out of my head.  I should do more of that, I tend to use reference material these days.   Shows how much imagination you have as a child!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Let me introduce you to another friend of mine - it's Willie Eckerslyke's small brother. Willie is 6ft 4inches high and Diddy is 5 ft exactly, so he is low down!  He is the best car mechanic for miles around.  He saves the lives of cars gotten t'thend of their lives, poor things!   He relentlessly pursues answers to problems beyond most mechanics patience, capability or knowledge. He's a reet grand chap, hard working, not like 'is brother who people say - will he work, will he eck as like! (Lancashire speak)

Diddy  is frequently heard saying "It'll last yer another 10 years".  Appen it's to the chagrin of folk who long for an excuse to get therselves a new set of wheels.

(Diddy is based on a real person, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent).

I have been resizing less pixels to save space on the blog but am now getting blurring at 300 must try a bigger picture

(Willie Eckerslyke post 1.12.12)

Monday, 18 February 2013


Here's a bit of nonsense but worth thinking about.  Was spotted on a tea towel in a gift shop in a tiny quaint village in Yorkshire called Ripley.  

It's not too clear so will type words again.

And help me to remember .... When I'm having a bad day And it seems that people are trying to wind me up... That it takes 42 muscles to frown and only 28 to smile.

Friday, 15 February 2013


Hands up who loves steam trains   ...............  thought so loads of you.  Well I used to run to the end of our garden, before I was five (we moved after that) and the drivers of the trains used to wave to me The lines were just over the wall.  I found engines so exciting.  If we go anywhere today and there is a steam train we have to go on it.  So, here is a train poster that I painted at school probably before the first diesel engine (I have no idea when but remember going to Preston station to see it). The other painting is of the Snowdon Mountain Railway visited last year, all steam and noise at the sheds.

So we are back to a comparison of my school work and my now work.  The school work is the best I think.  Have you any steam train memories?

Thursday, 7 February 2013


Well they are now wed and called Carol Clitheroe and Lindsey Lancashire. They used to fight like cat and dog but now share many memories of days gone by - Chorley Market traders shouting "not £6, not £5, not £3 but £l. 15s 11d". Dancing in the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool and buying 'Billy's Weekly Liar' on the Prom, then watching their Dad eating Whelks Yuk and their Mum shrimps, and returning home to the best trifle in the world ever, made by their Mum.  Christmas Day Dad calling down Nitty Whiskers has been and then making bacon butties piping hottio (for years thought to be bacon butties by Pinnochio).

You will see the posh pretty sister Lindsey reading Health and Beauty Tips and sipping coffee and Carol eating and painting chocolate and drinking lager.

Who am I talking about really, my family and me ofcourse!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which one is me?

Sunday, 3 February 2013


First of all thanks for comments from those of you who have joined me in my memories of art.  My next comparison is - yes you guessed, umbrellas.

One is of Venice where it poured every day we were there 18 months ago and I am thrilled to say I sold it, one is a poster (we seemed to do a lot of posters at school) it will  not have taken me long as it has homework written on it and I hated homework even art,  this was for a large department store in Manchester called Kendalls and the third is an abstract.  Brollies are a nightmare to draw don't you think.  Hope you like them ...............