Thursday, 7 February 2013


Well they are now wed and called Carol Clitheroe and Lindsey Lancashire. They used to fight like cat and dog but now share many memories of days gone by - Chorley Market traders shouting "not £6, not £5, not £3 but £l. 15s 11d". Dancing in the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool and buying 'Billy's Weekly Liar' on the Prom, then watching their Dad eating Whelks Yuk and their Mum shrimps, and returning home to the best trifle in the world ever, made by their Mum.  Christmas Day Dad calling down Nitty Whiskers has been and then making bacon butties piping hottio (for years thought to be bacon butties by Pinnochio).

You will see the posh pretty sister Lindsey reading Health and Beauty Tips and sipping coffee and Carol eating and painting chocolate and drinking lager.

Who am I talking about really, my family and me ofcourse!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which one is me?


  1. Aw, I loved reading this and love the accompanying painting. When is the book being released? I want a copy xx

  2. Will you be my agent? By the way is Chorley market still going?

  3. Well I hope you're Carol .... much more fun!!

  4. Hi Polly:) I think you are the one painting chocolate!:) I love your story:) Have a nice weekend!