Thursday, 27 September 2012

Painting Workshop and Senior Olympics


Well I actually did it, I can't believe that I did it but I did, I ran my very own workshop on simple people in paintings at my little Art Club 'Churchtown Art Club'.  I sorta think it went ok.  People said some nice things (well they couldnt say you were awful to my face)  and there were loads of little people and pictures appearing by the end of the day. They did really well, I was so chuffed.  I was so very nervous that I felt sick!  I still am not totally relaxed after it, but I think I kinda enjoyed it looking back.

Slept really well last night. No nightmares.  I really hope they learned a little something from me. My hubby said he was proud of me and he knew I could do it, so did my sister.  It helps when people have faith in you.

Here are my working papers.  Difficult to paint big half imperial size and standing to one side AND nearly vertival.

And now for something completely different ........................................................



Pamella Farquhar was disqualified when 'Saga' her prize thoroughbred donkey refused to jump in the final event.  She was in the lead after the DRESSyourAGE and cross garden rounds.  Pamella was in tears when interviewed by Sue Barker. "I'll never ride again! I'll use my bus pass in future" she wailed.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Pics Panic & Senior Olympics



Had a horrendous time with the computer Hard Drive went. It is now a shadow of it's former self. Getting so annoyed it nearly is going out of the window! To cap it all I am doing a workshop at my club (after being badgered by committee for ages) I am not a whizz artist just a happy leisue painter. What am I doing?  Well my final notes were locked in the computer, so relieved to have it back.  The workshop is going to be on simple people in paintings so here are some of my best finished painting that I will be taking down as examples
Well one picture. Can't find the other one on this dammed computer.  Will try later.  This was painted on the spot in October, on an art course with the luverly Hazel Soan.  Painted quickly without drawing the people first. I painted the people first then put in a simple background.  Still think it's one of the best I have done 'en plein air'

Top painting was the one I did on Channel 4's Watercolour Challenge.  Best pic I have! Put people in to give it atmosphere.  And yes I know the roof isnt right.  Didnt win the heat by the way.



OVERALL WINNER of the gold medal was veteran
(and yes I know now deceased) George Best, who
gained Perfect 10 for parallel bars, asymmetrical
bars, followed by floor exercises.

Well wish me luck for my workshop, hope the members are not expecting too much. I feel like I'm going to the dentist everytime I think about it!   EEEK only a week away.

Monday, 10 September 2012



Got food on the brain.  My nephew and his wife are coming to dine tonight.  Was prepping veg etc at 8am this morning.  Got busy day.  Art Class all afternoon.

He proposed to her in Paris and asked to paint a pic, he loved the gargoyles.



Dame Kelly Holmes had the honour of training Pretty Polly Perkins for the 5 metre slow.  Polly trained for a new world records of 2.037 but smashed it by one minute, making a total of 3.037 mins.  A spectator said it was like watching paint dry.  The previous record holder was Jane Torville, who crossed the finishing line at 2 mins exactly, whilst performing a triple salco.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Painting & Senior Citizens Olympics


Art Classes start on Monday and I am going to take in work that I did on a course a took with
Alvaro Castagnet in Yorkshire.  He is a genius, it's like watching a magic trick when he demonstrates.  I painted really badly on this course (I'll whisper the word crap comes to mind).  Out of my comfort zone completely.  Should I take my work in to the teacher or not?

Alvaro's masterpiece painted in about 35 minutes with such ease!

My painting, a battle from start to finish!
Breakthrough for Battling Beryl Bardot of  France.  The 8 year record for Dead Pigeon shooting smashed!!!!  The event has at last bagged it's first Live Pigeon.  Ecstatic reviews from the Animal Unprotection League who have confirmed that this was a flutter in the right direction

Friday, 7 September 2012



Art is my second love after ofcourse my hubby.  I love painting and playing around with pictures on the computer. I am lucky enough to have been on many courses including Hazel Soan (brilliant artist and person) and Alvaro Castagnet,( a genius) but larger than life!  My claim to fame is that I was on Watercolour Challenge at Crich Tram Museum in Derbyshire and am also in the Book of that name, so I am immortal!  I still go to classes, you never master art.  I prefer watercolours as you never know what they are going to do, but also dabble in other mediums.

But my blog will include some art and some of this and that.

Here is some of my art followed by some nonesense

This was just voted 3rd favourite at our local art club exhibition, it's pen and wash of  the Jubilee Clock at Chester.

Some Nonesense:-


Thousands of spectators lined the course to see hundreds of athletes who did  not descend on Grasmere for this most prestigeous event.  The route did not go to Ambleside, Elterwater, along the Lake, missing landmarks like Dove Cottage and Faery Glen.  The only athlete to complete the course was the Invisible Man.  The winner was stated to be George Bush, USA, in the time of 1 min. He was disqualified when it was found he ran backwards to cross the finishing line over 3 hrs ahead of the winner. It was also discovered it was wind assisted. His spokesman Tony Blair said that George admitted he took a wrong turning "I never could tell my right from my left" he bemoaned.

End of today's bulletin.

Polly luv's painting etc

Hi Anybody at all

Welcome to my Blog

It's supposed to to be easy to set up.  I have been busy trying to watch the wonderful paralympians and at the same time start blogging.  Easy to me it aint!

I have been inspired to do this after looking at my friend Lesley's absolutely brilliant one about Nuggleton By The Sea.

I shall preview this and see if it works before I add anything else.