Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Pics Panic & Senior Olympics



Had a horrendous time with the computer Hard Drive went. It is now a shadow of it's former self. Getting so annoyed it nearly is going out of the window! To cap it all I am doing a workshop at my club (after being badgered by committee for ages) I am not a whizz artist just a happy leisue painter. What am I doing?  Well my final notes were locked in the computer, so relieved to have it back.  The workshop is going to be on simple people in paintings so here are some of my best finished painting that I will be taking down as examples
Well one picture. Can't find the other one on this dammed computer.  Will try later.  This was painted on the spot in October, on an art course with the luverly Hazel Soan.  Painted quickly without drawing the people first. I painted the people first then put in a simple background.  Still think it's one of the best I have done 'en plein air'

Top painting was the one I did on Channel 4's Watercolour Challenge.  Best pic I have! Put people in to give it atmosphere.  And yes I know the roof isnt right.  Didnt win the heat by the way.



OVERALL WINNER of the gold medal was veteran
(and yes I know now deceased) George Best, who
gained Perfect 10 for parallel bars, asymmetrical
bars, followed by floor exercises.

Well wish me luck for my workshop, hope the members are not expecting too much. I feel like I'm going to the dentist everytime I think about it!   EEEK only a week away.

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