Thursday, 27 September 2012

Painting Workshop and Senior Olympics


Well I actually did it, I can't believe that I did it but I did, I ran my very own workshop on simple people in paintings at my little Art Club 'Churchtown Art Club'.  I sorta think it went ok.  People said some nice things (well they couldnt say you were awful to my face)  and there were loads of little people and pictures appearing by the end of the day. They did really well, I was so chuffed.  I was so very nervous that I felt sick!  I still am not totally relaxed after it, but I think I kinda enjoyed it looking back.

Slept really well last night. No nightmares.  I really hope they learned a little something from me. My hubby said he was proud of me and he knew I could do it, so did my sister.  It helps when people have faith in you.

Here are my working papers.  Difficult to paint big half imperial size and standing to one side AND nearly vertival.

And now for something completely different ........................................................



Pamella Farquhar was disqualified when 'Saga' her prize thoroughbred donkey refused to jump in the final event.  She was in the lead after the DRESSyourAGE and cross garden rounds.  Pamella was in tears when interviewed by Sue Barker. "I'll never ride again! I'll use my bus pass in future" she wailed.


  1. Add me to the list of people who have faith in you, I am gutted that my holiday coincided with your first workshop, so that I wasn't there to offer support. I have always been your biggest fan and I look forward to my one to one lesson over coffee and cake.

    1. Welcome back to the Art & Craft Shop owner in Nuggleton. My nerves were jangling all day. Everyone was so kind to me. I will see you Wednesday with Martina!