Thursday, 4 October 2012


Last month I went down to London for a weekend course with Hazel Soan.  Was the hardest I have ever done, cos I don't like doing proper people eg portraits and people with faces.  Anyway instead of showing my poor attempts  I going to download a couple of Hazel's demo paintings, which were done quite quickly.  Brilliant.  She is my hero.

Computers, who invented them.  I am sick to death with this one.  Can't burn photos. Can't save files.
What am I to do. (*****   ***!!!!)


John Cleese Minister for Silly Walks, was to present the medals for the tripupathlon. 

I caught up with him in the VIP lounge where he was tucking into a meal of spam and more spam!
The winner did well to beat Mrs Overall from Acorn Antiques, who was expected to score a perfect l0.  Then unexpectedly Cleese stormed off to the shouts of 'Don't mention the War'. 

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