Friday, 19 October 2012




The Saga Arena was full to bursting with - 53 people.  The atmosphere was electric - 45 people were still awake with 10 mins to go.  At 6.37pm a fanfare of a one man band heralded the entrance of the not so fit athletes. However, there was some needle between the gold and silver medal winners of  the Knittathon.  Kim Cable who won the 1 ft sprint in perl, then set a world record in the knitting marathon for the longest scarf in 2hr 30mins was arguing with Angela Aaron who missed out by
1 cm and felt her quality was better as she hadnt dropped a stitch.  It was a perler of a fight but eventually they made up and in the end were having a ball.  The dancers pirouetted once then took a bow.   The applause was not deafening - 12 people were still awake. The song 'The Yawning Man' was being played (yes an actual sleep inducing song).

 It was thought that fireworks would have been too loud for the Seniors so sparklers and catherine wheels created a spectacular sight.  The flag was lowered, the flame extinguished.  The Games were over.  There was muted applause, one person was still awake!  I was that person!  A lone alert athlete, Pretty Polly Perkins - Sadly deciding to hang up my trainers for the last time.  We had inspired a generation (Older it's true)
I hope you have enjoyed this bit of nonsense.  This painting really is of my favourite old trainers.
I have now set up yet another blog, this time a serious one ... it's called it will highlight my typical work, various courses, workshops and general watercolour information.   Perhaps you would like to take a butchers!

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