Saturday, 27 October 2012



I have a lovely friend called Lesley, who is painting some wonderful quirky paintings of Nuggleton By the Sea which I love.  She weaves a wonderful story around all the buildings and people on each painting she does, and Nuggleton has caught on, as she does commissions and has merchandise to sell and also, hopefully, will be writing a book.  Lesley would love some impartial advice on her project, so do have a look at her site.  Anyway, I thought, for a bit of fun, and to tickle her fancy, I would try and do something in her style.  I can tell you it wasnt half as easy as she makes it appear.   It  makes me realise how good she really is.  Well here is the pic, followed by a bit of nonsense.

From Rainbowville-on-Puddle you can take the No. 1 bus, or a boat trip, to Nuggleton By the Sea.   Rainbowville is a perfect place to live as it never ever rains during the day.  All the houses are painted in one of the rainbow colours, and if you went inside you would see the furniture, curtains, cups and saucers and toilet seats and even the toilet rolls etc, are the same colour as the house, and if your house is blue you would always wear something blue, and so on.  You can see Lesley selling her Nuggleton wares, keychains, teatowels, fridge magnets, cards etc.  and Polly, her arty farty friend, is painting beside her.  Boy do they talk and giggle a lot! 

Please pop and see Lesley's site.  You will enjoy it.

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