Sunday, 4 November 2012


Each year my hubby and I go with two other couples to stay in a cottage (house really) in Grasmere.  I always have a theme.  This year it was Art.  I always give my friends some form of gift.  Anyway, I searched my small brain for a few ideas and came up with the following:-
Derrick in my very favourite painting
Me posing as Henry VIII or Polly VIII

Dave painting in a William Heaton Cooper View one of his
favourite artists The view is one of Coopers paintings in his beloved
Lake District.  Check them out they are lovely.
Pam as Mona Lisa (couldnt get head right)

Beryl having a Beryl Cook moment


Malc IS the Laughing Cavalier!!!
 We have a great time, exercising our chuckle muscles.
We are each responsible for the meals for a whole day, and
yes that does include the men.  Very interesting it is too. 
We have some reet good grub.

Dave and I, if the weather is reasonable, go out and paint
en plain air.  How arty is that!

Can't for the life of me get the pic of Malc to go
higher up.  Computers!!!

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