Friday, 16 November 2012


Well it's 8am in the morning, I should get a life instead of messing about on a computer!  I have to own up, I am in trouble with the law
This is courtesy of, pretty good fun eh?

This was painted in watercolour at night time in my room whilst on an art course with Hazel Soan in Arles.  Well I had to paint Van Gogh's Night Cafe didnt I, especially as I had been there that day.  Tell you what it took me blinking ages.  But the way he exaggerates his angles and his use of complimentary colours is superb. e.g. blue and orange.  Hm, getting technical now. So you see I am a forger!  Oh, I can hear the sirens coming to arrest me.


  1. I always knew you were trouble, but you are one of my best friends so I will bail you out. I just need a few years to raise the cash so don't go picking up any bad habits from those lifers in there with you.

    Love the night scene, that would sell well on Fine Art!

  2. What a relief. Someone with some dosh. Couldnt sell painting as its a copy of Vincents oil painting. So sad, should cut off my ear for publicity.

  3. What a lovely piece! You did a wonderful job and i know Vincent would be proud! I should ask him.... Just a minute.

    Okay, he said it was good you did this and he sees it as quite a compliment which of course he likes because he uses the compliments so well you see. "This then is how we learn" he said to me, with a wee bit of a grin and confided that he too has copied other artists he admires. Those copies are even now showing in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and he is really quite pumped about it all. "Very, very nicely done Polly" he wanted me to say. You got the perspective bang on! And the colours! Ooh la la!