Tuesday, 27 November 2012


We recently spent a couple of days in Grasmere. The first day was a glorious autumn day and the reflections in the lake were wonderful. After that the normal pouring rain. We treated ourselves and stayed in a newly renovated and extended hotel called The Daffodil (used to be the Prince of Wales much better name) It is now modern but sparsely decorated except for the brilliant caricatures down the corridors, which inspired me to have a go at doing some.  I found it harder than I expected even though I used Sue Macartney-Snape's pictures (those down said corridors) as my inspiration.

Now let me introduce you to some friends of mine, for today here is Fag Ash Lil (in the style of Sue's pics)

Fag Ash Lil is from Nuggleton by the Sea.  She badly wants to be a WAG and marry a rich footballer.  Her role model is Victoria Beckham.  So she cut her lovely long hair, bought a really smart dress and accessories and thought she looked ever so posh (but they were infact from Primark). She tried to behave dead posh too, but then gave herself away by saying "eeh eck" and "eeh by gum" cos she were from up north, tha knows.

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