Saturday, 9 March 2013


Woody, is brother to Willie and Diddy Eckerslyke.  Willie is high up, Diddy is low down, and Woody is medium sized. He is a reet good friend of the world reknown artist and legend Sue Clinker.  Honest he is?

Down deep in the woods Woody would wend away his days painting tall trembling trees, until, one day, out of the blue, he upped his easel and changed his style and began bare body painting.

You see a fulsome figure of wonder, a stunning sex bomb sexily strolled by his cottage in the wondrous wood.  He espied her from his little window and he was smitten. Using his imagination he painted her every day.  Masterpiece after masterpiece of bare buxom body.  So gone is he that he blethers continually. Poor Woody!

Who was she? That's another tantalising tall tale.

Would he like to meet her -  Eeeh Woody Eckerslyke!!!!!!!!!!!!

(You can meet his brothers in earlier  posts - Diddy and Willie look under the label 'friends of mine')


  1. I told him to get his eyes tested but ...........
    Woody Eckerslyke ... is a stubborn old fool.

    I think he might be disappointed when he sees the object of his desire close up??

    1. He may really like her, wait and see - Wood he or Wood he not? That is the question.