Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Annie was a gentle, quiet, kind, motherly type of figure, who everyone called Auntie Annie.  She was a good artist, in particular painting weird and wonderful abstracts, she baked lovely cakes for special occasions, like weddings, special anniversaries and for Christmas. A right clever devil really. Until, one day she picked up a book by accident off the shelf in Tesco.  She thought it was an instructional art book about colour mixing. She really needed help with your greys.

Annie here is reading Fifty Shades of Grey!   She has now decided to grow old disgracefully.  She's going to ditch the yellowed bloomers and thermal vest and buy a black and red basque from Evans, and has joined a northern dating agency on t'internet, who claim "We'll get yer a bloke lass". I say, Go Girl!!!


  1. I like Annie ... made me laugh on a grey, cold afternoon here in Kent

    are we going to see her in her basque?

  2. Perhaps. I'll give it some thought. Wouldnt be a pretty sight though! Thanks so much for looking at my blog.

  3. I am endeared to Annie...although I continue to grow old gracefully and might just ask for her cast off knickers/bloomers! LOL
    Your drawings are delighful.Glad you found my blog today as it led me back to yours! Happy to make your acquaintance! And look forward to back and forth following!

  4. I'll see if she'll send you them. She has asked Santa for a basque! It's lovely to receive comments and and meet new bloggers.