Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Well here we go back to my past and another schoolwork pic and a comparison with a recent one.

Here you have the names of Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Elvis, The Evs (Everley Brothers)  and a couple of my then crushes thrown in.  Its really heavy poster paint.  I suspect it was homework rather than something I would have been doing in class. Notice how ancient I am, no Beatles even!

And yes, you guessed, this is the Beatles.  It is was done after I had visited the Klimt Exhibition at the Tate in Liverpool.  And although you can't see it (bad photo) there's  lots of gold pen adornment (big word for me).

Music has always played a big part in my life, and infact I am going to a Beatles tribute band act at the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool soon. So it'll be a hard days night that night!


  1. My Mum hated music/radio so I grew up in a 'pop-free' environment until I was 12 when my Grandparents bought me a record player. On that birthday I had 2 copies of the single 'Knock Three Times' by Dawn and the Motown Five LP (so you can work out my age)

    I was never a fan of the Beatles or Rolling Stones but retrospectively I got to know and love all the 50s & 60s stuff so that first painting of yours has lots of familiar names :-)

    1. Gosh I thought you were about 23! I know the 'Knock three times' but had forgotten about who sang it. But don't remember the other. But I feel privileged to have been around at the time! With the music and the fashion. I wouldn't like to be a teenager/young adult now. (well sometimes I would). You are lovely to call by and I thank you.