Wednesday, 9 January 2013


I have delusions of grandeur!!  You will see from our wedding photograph that we had a very upmarket, posh, swanky wedding.  Money was no object.  I wanted to feel like royalty.  We definitely succeeded.
 Yes, you guessed, this isn't really our Wedding.  I play around on photoshop and this is the Queen's Wedding with me and my hubby's heads on.

Here is a little card I did for my nephew and his bride for their 'Royal Wedding' to say thank for letting us be part of their 'Special' day.  It was as beautiful and elegant and wonderful as a real Royal Wedding.  For the background I used salt, to give it a dreamlike quality.


  1. The salt really comes to its right here, the dreamy effect is perfect, lovely watercolor.

  2. Hi Polly:) I had to laugh about "your" wedding photo. Wonderful!!! Your watercolor is so romantic. Very beautiful done!! I'm sure they loved it!

  3. Thank you Renate. I do play around with photo editing. Was difficult to get my face on.