Thursday, 31 January 2013


Here's another comparison of my art from school and now. Do I have food on the brain - wrong, not vegetables that's for sure but they made good subjects.  I detest anything green, the very things that is the best for me, so have I painted anything green, certainly not!! ................ Well one is how I paint now with watercolour and the other is poster paint that we used at school.

As I said in my previous posts I would love to see anyone else's school work or read their memories of art.

Now to a serious request.  Is there anyone out there in the UK who can help out a friend of mine who is really quite new to art and selling her art.  She has, very excitingly, been accepted at a really good gallery but will need prints, and she hasn't a clue where to look.  She really needs something nice to happen to her at the moment .............  Take a look at her lovely quirky paintings at

You can leave an address in my comments box.


  1. I hope someone can help your friend. I love Greens. hate the yellow veggies. :) Squash etc. I don't have any of my old Art left. Bummer too.

    1. How on earth can you like Greens! Yuk. Sorry you don't have any artwork from school, I don't think many do, and I don't know how come I have mine. By the way, found someone to help my friend, she is so thrilled and has informed the gallery she will have prints ready. She can't believe her luck.