Saturday, 26 January 2013


Yippee I have my laptop back!

I have been sorting out my horrendously messy art cupboard and drawers and came across my old art folder from school. I  remember enjoying drawing and painting when I was'a likkel girl '. Drawing Cinderella countless times, making my own stick on clothes for fashion paper dolls and colouring them (you can download these now still great fun I think) and I used to make stage presentations by putting a hole at the end of a shoe box and slits down the side, then making, drawing and painting scenes which would slide across the box. Anyhow, I have what I think is the earliest Cinderella from my first year at senior school so I'd be about 11 (so sad I have nothing earlier) and here she is.  I remember the book I drew it from and the colour of the dress was pink.

( for printable paper dolls to colour and cut out eg 50s or history clothes)

What I was wondering is, is there anyone who has some of their early work and have they any paintings or memories of paintings from when they were young?


  1. Hello Polly:) I used to make the same princesses over and over. So I was really surprised to see yours! I had some artwork from 12 years and up but we went traveling and gave it to someone to wach for. And I never saw it again:(
    Lovely post!

  2. Oh, that is very sad. So sorry. You should try and draw a princess now.

  3. Love your drawings. You have been talented for along time. Thank you for supporting my art and stopping by my blog you are so sweet.

    1. Thanks for visiting this particular blog. I do love your work and it is a pleasure to follow what you are doing